The 360X Video Booth just got better!

Snapix Events’ NEWLY added features combine the Neon LED 360X Video Booth with the Neon LED Enclosure to make this beast one of Houston’s hottest Video Booths!  Check out the new Neon LED Enclosure that encapsulates the new Neon LED 360X Video Booth  to captivate the experience in a whole new light.   Neon Lights!

This added feature of the Neon LED Enclosure gives your guests that confidence of privacy so they can dance freely and enjoy the experience!  Once your guests step upon the Neon LED platform of the 360X Video Booth it just makes them feel the energy of the Disco dance floor so watch the action!  Add a little groovy music and the whole party vibe begins! No crowds of strangers in the  background of your videos, only your guests doing their thing!

Reserve our new Neon LED 360X Video Booth Alone or Combine it with our new Neon LED  Enclosure!

That’s right you read it correctly!  The new Neon LED 360X Video Booth has been partnered up with a new Neon LED Enclosure.  Not only does this give our clients some privacy, it also creates fun videos without all the noise in the background. However, if our client only needs to rent one for their event without the other, that will work too!  Although, pairing them together works best to enhance that extra flare to any occasion. 

The bright Neon LED lights make the party come alive on a whole new level! Once your guests step onto the Neon LED platform of the 360X Video Booth they will begin to feel the magic!  Grab a prop, set your experience with music, hop aboard, let’s roll it and get your groove on!

Neon LED 360X Video Booth Adds a Sassy Elegant Flare to Any Event!

Get as many friends engaged in the fun with the Neon LED 360X Video Booth. The branded anti-slip platform can support up to four guests at once. Enhance the 360X experience to it’s highest level of creativity with  props and ideas to record fun memories! The party just turned into a Disco and the star of the show is your guests!

Neon LED 360X Video Booth Rental:

  • 2-6 Hour Rental
  • 360  Videos
  • Social Media Integration
  • 1-2 Attendants
  • Dropbox Link of Videos
  • Fun Props
  • Custom Brand Overlay
  • Corporate Branding (extra feature) *additional cost may apply*
  • Neon LED Enclosure ( extra feature) *additional cost may apply*
  • Slideshow on 55 inch TV (extra feature)*additional cost may apply*
  • A space 0f 12 X 12 required for set-up

Dates and Availability Limited.

Our events book quickly, especially on the weekends.

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