Brand Activations

What is Brand Activations?

Brand activation involves using digital marketing tools and techniques to drive direct interaction between a brand and its consumer base. In digital brand activation, all forms of online marketing tools come into play, including social media and video marketing. Photo booths are among the most popular brand activation strategies used today. They’re easy to incorporate into any branded campaign/experience and appeal to today’s digital audience. Everyone loves photographs, and video or photo booths make the whole picture-taking experience even cooler, using features like Snapchat-style lenses, customized images, and unique photo experiences and outputs guests cannot recreate on their own. When guests post those photos on social media after the event, they share their great experiences with your brand with others, and thus photo booths become an extremely effective digital activation strategy. 

But how does this strategy work with a digital photo booth?

 It’s quite simple; brands can customize pictures taken during a photo booth activation campaign with any branding or message the company is looking to push. This could be the business’ logo, name, and hashtag, but you could also choose to place guests in their own custom advertisement or scene, transporting them into the world of the brand. When guests post those photos on social media after the event, they share their great experiences with your brand with others, and thus photo booths become an extremely effective digital activation strategy.

We bring to the game of Brand Activations the quality service our Clients deserve.  Snapix Events is more than just a photo booth business. Using our photo booth products and services as the instrutments we inevitably boost our Client’s brand. As always our Clients are our #1 Priority!


vogue booth


Snapix Events at the AHA Heart Walk 2020 in the Woodlands, Tx on November 19, 2022. We had a wonderful time and the day turned out to be a great success!


Snapix Events had a great day out in the sunshine with Radio One Veteran’s Day Golf Classic presented by BMW. On November 10, 2022 our Team joined the fun!


Snapix Events took a gamble and booked a fun night with The Fabulous St. John School Casino Night on April 29, 2022 in Houston Tx.

Onsite Engagement

We use photo booths, video booths. cameras, and apps to capture share-worthy images of client’s guests. Transform your photos, GIFs, boomerangs and video into amazing clips that get shared. All of our photo booths can be utilized with microsites, onsite slideshows and an online gallery to download the ones you want to keep. Memories that last forever, and we feel good knowing we could make that happen.

Data Capture

We then build our list of clients that we can save and keep them updated on our future growing business. Collect emails, phone numbers, or full surveys on the photo booth screen, or online, unless Client does not prefer to be on our list. Our Client’s are the most important part of Snapix Events. After all we wouldn’t be the best photo booth rental business around Houston Texas without them. Our years of experience give us the cutting edge to be the best. We encourage our clients to follow us and call Snapix Events anytime for all their photo booths rentals. 

Just look how beautiful this customized template is. Our designing team created it just for this Client and it was perfect! Our Vogue Booth added the perfect background that made this design pop!

Social Media Engagement

Grow your social following and increase word-of-mouth referrals as your guests share your branded content. Guests share their branded images to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. Collected images can also be displayed on an event screen, photo mosaic, or online gallery.

It is just that easy!

Client’s Brand is customized with their approval on the layout of a theme. It is our skills that will make their Brand shine and get noticed!  Snapix Event’s Graphic Designing Team strives to create in customed detail the designs for each Client’s specific themes. Every guests who takes a photo with one of our photo booths will most likely share it on one or more of the social media platforms. Boom! Instant Promo for your Brand! It is just that easy!

Branded Delivery

Brand every aspect of  the clients photo booth results, emails, SMS, online interactive and calls-to-action. Increase clients sign-ups, customer reviews, and online offer participation. Get reviews to share to increase clients brand

Check out this chart that will visually demonstrate the value in Brand Activations

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